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                        About Us

                        Shanxi Yushe Chemical Co., LTD. is a domestic large manufacturing enterprise of chlor-alkali and Acetylene. Our company covers an area of 850,000 square meters and has over 2,700 employees and is with the total assets of RMB 1.8 billion Yuan. Our company has the annul production capacity of caustic soda (400,000 tons), polyoxyethylene (400,000 tons). It can achieve annul sale of RMB 4 billion Yuan and about RMB 300 million Yuan’s benefit and tax. In addition we have won many honor titles and prize such as “top 500 in chemical industry”, “top 100 enterprises in benefit”, “national credit enterprise” and so on.

                        Relying on advanced technology, our company realizes high speed development and rapid expansion. Currently, completely circular economy industrial chain has formed, including chlor-alkali, polrvinyl chloride, plastic material and cement. Based on our superior quality product and sincere service, Yushe Chemical has established the marketing system all around the country relying on “Yangtze River Delta”, “Pearl River Delta”and circum-Bohai-Sea economic circle.

                        Yushe Chemical has special enterprise culture. Our core enterprise value is “people first and self-transcendence”. Our enterprise spirit is “be responsible, arduous, innovative and progressive”.

                        In the future, our company will make efforts to change of the economic development mode and work for the target of realizing RMB 10 billion Yuan’s annual benefit.

                        Yushe Chemical sincerely welcome your visit and would like to create brilliant future with wide friends!

                        Shanxi Yushe Chemical Co., LTD.
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